Saint Thomas Catholic School


Ann, St. Thomas alumna; also currently has one child enrolled at St. Thomas, and another child who is also a St. Thomas graduate.

As a St. Thomas graduate, I have fond memories of teachers who made learning fun and cared a great deal about my development.   The responsibilities we took on as Junior High students gave us confidence and leadership skills.  We participated in student council, learned about economics running donut breakfasts and the importance of helping your parish/school community by setting up the gym and helping out with events–traditions that continue to this day.

I am proud to have my daughters continuing in this tradition.  With multi-age education, my girls are receiving an excellent education that meets their unique learning styles and abilities.  Every member of the staff at St. Thomas cares about the well-being of my kids and is helping them develop a strong foundation for their faith.  I love that every day they are being taught by the example set by this school community to Live, Love, and Serve as Christ.

Miss Ainsley Reiser, St. Thomas Alumna

It’s easy to discuss the high quality of education I received from St. Thomas. When I graduated from 8th grade and began high school at St. Thomas More, I was prepared for the next level. Even though St. Thomas didn’t offer Spanish, which seemed to be a discussion point back in my day, as a freshman at STM, I didn’t miss a beat. I successfully completed four years of Spanish in high school and now participate in an annual mission trip to Honduras where Spanish is the language.  As a freshman at the University of Illinois, writing papers (and there are a lot of them!) comes easy. I have to credit Mrs. Farney for my outstanding writing and speaking abilities, and I know my brother, Clayton, does, too.

St. Thomas School is the best kept secret in Champaign County. It’s the jewel located in the center of the universe. It’s a place where you not only learn reading, writing and arithmetic, you learn about respect for self, respect for others, community service, leadership, and the importance of faith in your life, which seems to be lost in so many today. St. Thomas School is an environment that fosters faith, friendship and fun, and I am grateful to my parents for placing me here.

St. Thomas provides an optimal environment for young people to develop into teenagers who believe in doing the right thing. . .teenagers who defend what they believe to be good. . .who will not forfeit their character or hurt their fellow man. St. Thomas School molds this type of teenager through friendship, kindness, morality, and involving God in our everyday lives. St. Thomas gives us a chance to develop into the individual we were intended to be – a person of faith, values, kindness, and character. This is why I believe in St. Thomas School.  It represents everything that is good.
There’s always talk about the rigorous grading scale, and I’d like to share my thoughts on that. The grading scale always encouraged me to try harder. Grades serve the purpose of a goal. If you want an “A”, you study hard to get that “A”. If no extra effort is needed, less effort is put forth. The grading scale sets a standard of excellence – something for which we should all strive. I’m grateful to St. Thomas for promoting excellence and not settling for mediocrity, for encouraging me to try just a little harder and, above all, to always do my best.

St. Thomas School set the stage for me to develop excellent study habits, to learn the importance of setting goals, to be excited about helping my classmates, to appreciate being part of a team, to remember God each and every day, and to always remain humble.

My experience at St. Thomas molded me into the person I am today – a confident individual of character and integrity with morals and a strong work ethic. Maybe you’re questioning why you’re sending your child to St. Thomas OR maybe you’re questioning whether you should send your child to St. Thomas. If you are one of those parents, I can tell you without a doubt this is the place you want your child to grow and learn. It represents everything good in life. We little people grow up and leave home, and we must be prepared to work hard to achieve our goals, be accountable for the mistakes we make, and ask God for the strength to make the right decisions. I’m able to do that, because thanks to St. Thomas School, it’s the only thing I know.

I quote, “through the highest educational standards that seek to address the intellectual, spiritual, and physical needs of every child.” And, what is this? This is St. Thomas Catholic School—the school that built me.