Saint Thomas Catholic School

Multiage Classrooms

What is a multiage classroom?

Two or more grade levels are intentionally placed together to improve student learning

The child’s developmental needs, regardless of grade-level curriculum or administrative placement, are the focus

There is a blurring of grade- and age-level distinctions as students blend into a caring community of learners

Benefits for Students

Builds esteem by providing opportunities for modeling and leadership among children

Helps children acknowledge and accept all developmental levels, personal differences, and value the diversity of people

Reflects the diverse “real world” that students will encounter as grow older

Allows for the natural development of children by providing opportunities for natural groupings by age, maturity, interests, and a longer timeframe for growth

Reduces competitive and comparative/evaluative pressures

Promotes instructional variety; process writing, whole language, hands-on science and math, multiple intelligence instruction, etc.

“Olders” are given more opportunities for leadership and are able to reflect on and recognize their own progress

Benefits for Teachers

Builds continuity in relationships, learning, class management, and assessment

Students and curriculum are blended to provide instruction using developmentally appropriate strategies

Continuous academic progress is based on each child’s individual needs

Improves teaching by increasing sensitivity to diversity, puts the students in the center of learning, and makes one more developmentally sensitive

Encourages instructional variety, creativity, and problem-solving

Promotes peer modeling of classroom routines and behavior

Increases instructional time at the beginning and end of the school year

Greater use of differentiated instruction