Saint Thomas Catholic School

Why Catholic Education?

Every child is a unique gift from God. As a parent or guardian, one of your most important responsibilities is to choose a school that “fits” your child’s personality and learning needs, as well as your family’s practical needs and priorities.

By choosing a Catholic education, you are choosing to blend your child’s academic and spiritual development in accordance with the educational mission and ministry of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. Equally important is the commitment to an educational approach that nurtures “the whole child” in an environment of spiritual development, academic excellence, moral values, respect and safety.

Specifically, St. Thomas Elementary provides:

  • A faith-based education based on the rich history of the Catholic Church of America;
    • Stressing the development of the student as a whole, including “intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and of course, spiritually.” (Diocese of Cairns).
    • Developing the Catholic faith in all students
    • Leading all to develop a lifetime of service to fellow students and the community
    • Using the Loyola School Curriculum in all grades, a curriculum approved by the CCA, and the Peoria Diocese of Illinois.
    • The values and faith you teach your children at home are reinforced every day in our schools and in our co-curricular activities.
    • A disciplined atmosphere enables teachers to focus more time on teaching rather than maintaining order.
    • Our preschool and kindergarten classrooms are not just add-ons or separate programs. They are an integral part of the school community.
    • The value of a Catholic education is well worth the cost. It is a life-long investment in your children’s future.

The Catholic Church operates the largest non-governmental system of elementary schools in the world, with a history dating back to 1580s in Europe. St. Thomas is committed to continue this history.