Saint Thomas Catholic School


Education Commission Members

Mrs. Mary Hettinger, Chairperson
Ms. Kara Hettinger
Mr. Todd Cler
Mr. Tim Osterbur
Mrs. Samantha Herriott
Ms. Kathy Painter
Mrs. Christine Schwenk

Ex Officio Education Commission Members

Fr. Keith Walder, Pastor
Mrs. Lisa Doughan, Principal
Dcn. Don Koeberlein, DRE
Athletic Director
Mr. Jim Deters, Trustee
Mrs. Jean Cain, Trustee

The Education Commission meets every other month.  Meeting dates, times, and locations are published on the school’s academic calendar.

The Commission is advisory in nature, providing support to the Pastor and Principal.  If you would like to add an item to the meeting agenda, please contact the Education Commission Chair at least two weeks prior to the meeting date.  Anyone wishing to speak to the Commission, needs to be placed on the agenda.

Guests are welcome to observe meetings without advance notice.