Saint Thomas Catholic School

Preschool: Ms. Mesha

September 15, 2017

We have been off to a great start with our new curriculum. We just completed week three! The students are having fun with the large group activities and all the interactive learning that comes along with our curriculum.

Along with our curriculum we have practiced the days of the week, months of the year, weather, and will be focusing on a shape and a color a few weeks at a time. The past two weeks we have focused on the shape circle and the color red. The students have been singing the “Red Song”, which teaches them how to spell the color.

Reading and Writing

– We have learned the vocabulary for the wood pieces we use to make our letters.

– Talked about body parts, created Mat Man, and drew Mat Man.

– We painted to instrumental music.

-We learned that when writing our letters we ALWAYS start at the TOP!

Language and Literature

– We learned the difference between the same sounds and different sounds.

– We discussed the different parts of a book.

-We discussed the first letter of each students name and passed the letters around until it reached the right person.

Numbers and Math

– We learned about things that are the same and different, and why?

– One to one correspondence/ Matching a certain amount of items to a number.

– Inside Vs. Outside

– Sorted items by color

-Before and After

– Counted items


We are on lesson 3 of religion.

Our lesson this week was about praying and talking to God.

There is a paper that goes home with each lesson to help guide a discussion with your child about each lesson.


Please make sure your child has tennis shoes on Wednesday and Thursday for PE class.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Have a good weekend!


Ms. Mesha