Saint Thomas Catholic School


Welcome to St. Thomas Art!!!!!

All of the classes are off to a great start!

We have started the year learning the “Elements of Art.”  So far we have covered line and shape, and we have just started a new element, color.  In each unit the students have done several projects to help them experience that particular element.

The students have also made posters for  the Cross Country team, fliers for Sport Dress Down day on 10/15, and a Happy Birthday banner for Mr. Trost.  We will also be preparing a project to aid the Veteran’s Day celebration at the school.

Art Schedule 

Monday - All Second and Third Graders, Fourth and Fifth Grades, and Junior High. 

Wednesday -  All Preschool, Junior High, Mrs. Carmien’s Second & Third Graders, and All Kindergartners and First Graders

Friday - Ms. Eblin’s Second & Third Graders, All Kindergartners and First Graders, and Forth and Fifth Graders