Saint Thomas Catholic School

PE and Health

Hello STS Families,

Happy New year to All!

It is a great time for STS PE!  Going into Christmas Break the students had a favorite unit, Handball.  Now that we are back, yet another favorite, Skating.

Handball is a version of the Olympic sport, modified for STS.  It involves a goal, a goalie area, a scoring line, dribbling, passing, fakes, defending, and game strategy.  The action was fast paced and there was good teamwork demonstrated by all of the students – no wonder the students get excited for Handball!

We finished up our Health unit on the brain just before break.  We have now completed looking at aspects of Spiritual health, along with heart and brain functions.  Starting this new year the students will learn about the respiratory and muscular/skeletal systems.


PE/Health Daily Schedule:

PK:                                                                                     2/3:

Mon. & Tues. Ms. Kelly, 9-9:25                                          Mon., Tues, Thurs. &Fri., 1:00-1:25

Wed. & Thurs. Ms. Mesha, 9-9:25

K/1:                                                                                    4/5:

Mon., Wed, Thurs. Mrs. Dodd, 1:30-1:55                          Mon., Tues., Thurs., &Fri., 12:30-12:55

Tues. & Fri. Mrs. Calcagno, 1:30-1:55

Wed. Mrs. Calcagno, 2:00-2:25

JH1                                                                                  JH2

Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri., 11:00-11:25                           Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri., 2;00-2:25

Stay Warm, Philo!

Mr. R