Saint Thomas Catholic School

PE and Health

Hello STS Families,

Wow!  What a great unit for the students.  We just finished our disc/frisbee/ultimate unit and the students did a fantastic job.  Their skill development blew me away.  Learning to throw a frisbee is not easy, especially for K-3, but all of the students worked hard on the skills.  At the older grades they produced some excellent gameplay, strategy, and sportsmanship.  Whether it was passing to a target, a partner, or a teammate the students worked hard and deveolped their skills.

In health we are in the middle of our unit on “Love the Lord…with all your heart.”  We have looked at major areas of the heart and how blood travels through the body.  The students have discussed heart-healthy activities and other activities to avoid.

PE/Health Daily Schedule:

PK:                                                                                     2/3:

Mon. & Tues. Ms. Kelly, 9-9:25                                          Mon., Tues, Thurs. &Fri., 1:00-1:25

Wed. & Thurs. Ms. Mesha, 9-9:25

K/1:                                                                                    4/5:

Mon., Wed, Thurs. Mrs. Dodd, 1:30-1:55                          Mon., Tues., Thurs., &Fri., 12:30-12:55

Tues. & Fri. Mrs. Calcagno, 1:30-1:55

Wed. Mrs. Calcagno, 2:00-2:25

JH1                                                                                  JH2

Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri., 11:00-11:25                           Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri., 2;00-2:25

Live from Philo, it’s STS PE/Health!

Mr. R