Saint Thomas Catholic School


Physical Education is off to a fast start!!!

After starting out the year with Flag Football we have moved into our second unit, soccer.  Second grade through Junior High follow the same unit plan with modifications made based on grade level.  Preschool and K/1 will follow the older grades working on skill development that leads more specific future application.

All of the students are doing very well.  It is exciting to see the progress they have already made in skill development and gameplay.

In late October or early November all ages will begin a running unit, that will culminate with the Schumacher Shuffle on Saturday 11/21/2015.  I would like to encourage all families to consider participating in this year’s event.  There is a 5K (running or walking) and a kid’s 1K run.

PE Schedule

Tuesday - Preschool, 4/5, 2/3 (Carmien), K/1, Junior High

Thursday - K/1, 2/3 (Eblin), 4/5, Junior High

Friday - 2/3 (Carmien & Eblin)