Saint Thomas Catholic School

Junior High

Junior High Sets Sail, for Support, the Sea, and the Stars!

Following a fantastic fundraising effort of a dress-down day and bake sale, the Junior High raised $550 for NCEA Student to Student Campaign in support of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Way to go STS for all your support!



AHOY Mateys!

The 6th/7th Grade History class, finishing up their lesson on the period of Early Exploration took a trip to Peoria to get aboard replicas of the Nina and Pinta ships used by Christopher Columbus in his famous voyage across the Atlantic. The ships being 99% accurate to the originals gave the students a firsthand look at how life would have been on the high seas, or at leas on the Illinois River.




Exploration has come a long way from those wooden ships of old. The 6th/7th/8th Science class headed to the Parkland William M. Staerkel Planetarium to explore the outer reaches of space. Watching how the Americans and the Russians faced off the chronicled “Space Race” the class was able to rocket out among the stars.