Saint Thomas Catholic School


Jr. High in March

Jr. High is ready for Spring! After having a successful Pancake and Sausage bake sale and raffle, and a fun Mardi Gras we are ready for the fourth and last quarter.

The profits raised at the Pancake and Sausage breakfast stay with us and are used for our annual class trip. This year we journey to St. Louis.

The money raised from Madi Gras will, again, go to Crisis Nursery as part of the many service activities we do here. Besides taking care of the daily chores at St. Thomas our Jr. High has also made several cards for people that we pray for every morning.

We also had a used clothing drive and delivered approximately 15 large garbage sacks of clothing to Salt and Light.


The fourth quarter academic activities will include studying Romeo and Juliet, our annual “Greek Day”, planting in the small garden south of the school and confirmation retreat for the 8th grade.


We soon will be planning the 8th grade banquet where we will say goodbye to another 8th grade class at the end of May.