Saint Thomas Catholic School

Second/Third Carmien

April 24, 2017


Dear Parents,


We are wrapping up April this week. This one flew by!

Snack family for May 1 is the Hernandez family. Snack family for May 8 is the Pierce family.

Second grade parents, there is an additional note coming home today with info about First Communion practice and First Communion.

We will be having a school evacuation practice drill on Wednesday morning. In the past, we have had “lockdown” drills, which involve going into a “lockdown” mode if there is a threat to safety within the building. The new way of thinking (brought about, in part, by
Columbine) is completely opposite, or “get out” of the building instead of staying inside. Teachers are learning the proper procedures for this type of evacuation.

Thursday afternoon Jamie Boas from the Extension office will be coming with another hands on science lesson for us. We have been very blessed to have Jamie visit us this year.



Have a wonderful week!  Wendy Carmien