Saint Thomas Catholic School

Second/Third Carmien

May 22, 2017


Dear Parents,


We made it! Another great year at St. Thomas School comes to a close. Thank you for allowing me to teach your child this year.

Tuesday morning we will have a speaker from the Extension Office come talk to us about the Water Cycle to wrap up our science unit on weather.

Wednesday is Cleaning Day. On this day, your child will need to bring some type of all-purpose cleaner (suitable for cleaning desks, chairs, etc.) Please label it with your name. They also need an extra bag (in addition to their book bag) and an old rag that you don’t mind us disposing of once we are through.

Thursday is fun and field day. Please send sunscreen (labeled) for your child. They might also like to bring a beach towel to sit on while we eat our lunch.

Friday is Mass day. The students may leave with parents after Mass. If they are staying longer, we will have an electronics day. They can bring an electronic from home to use. Final dismissal is 11:45.

I’m going to send home a math packet for the third graders (soon to be fourth graders!) to work on over the summer. Please practice multiplication and division facts this summer!

In February, next year’s fourth graders will get to vote for their favorite Caudill and Bluestem nominated books. The third graders get to vote on Bluestem books. It would be a good idea if they get a jumpstart by reading a few of them this summer. The website listing the nominated books is Please use your discretion when helping your child choose books off the list. Some of them (especially on the Caudill list) cover more controversial themes and/or topics than others. You might want to read Amazon reviews of the books or go to, which is one of my favorite websites for book and movie reviews.

Looking ahead, second (soon to be third!) grade parents, as you shop this summer, you might want to be on the lookout for their take home three-ring binders for next year. We are recommending you get the kind that zips closed around the edges. I’m not sure how easy these will be to find? They are really nice because they are very sturdy. Also, if they get dropped, papers don’t go flying all over the place.


Have a peaceful, fun, memory-filled summer!!!!  Wendy Carmien