Saint Thomas Catholic School


January 27th

Dear Parents,

Catholic Schools Week and February is just around the corner! During Catholic
Schools Week we celebrate our students, families, and our school staff. Catholic
Schools Week Kicks off on Saturday January 26th with a whole school dance at 6pm.
Mass this coming weekend is also going to include many of our school families.

Monday: Super Spirit Day (100’s Day- Ms. Robin’s Class)
Tuesday: Hat and Crazy Sock Day
Wednesday: Class Color Day (Ms. Robin and Ms. Kelly’s Class Color-Green)
Wednesday Night 6:30pm-7:30pm: Meet and Greet for perspective preschool and
K-8 families
Thursday: Sports Shirts
Friday: Donuts, Preschool Movie with Popcorn and Pizza Lunch

Valentines Party on Thursday, Feb. 14th:

Ms. Robin- Bring 24 signed valentines. Do not feel the need to address who they are
to, unless your child would like to give specific valentines to specific children. Please
make sure you have a total of 24 to pass out. I will attach a class list in case anyone
would like to address them.

Ms. Kelly- Bring 22 signed valentines.

Children are free to bring valentines for teachers and staff, but please do not feel
Valentines Day is on Thursday Feb. 14th . The parties will be at 10am in the
Sign Up Sheets for snacks and supplies will be posted in classrooms soon.
If your child does not normally come on Thursdays feel free to bring them at 10am
for the party. If they are not able to come we will fill a bag of valentines for them.

Thank you for all of your help and support.