Saint Thomas Catholic School


September 28th

Dear Preschool Families,

We are enjoying this fall weather and we hope it lasts! We have seen dramatic
improvements in our little ones ability to “be away from home” and our bathroom
issues have improved too!
Ms. Kelly’s class has started our Farm Unit. This week we talked about what kinds
of animals are on a farm. If your child has a farm book they would like to bring in
the next couple weeks to share with the class, that would be great! We are ending
our color of the month, red. Great job bringing in red toys from home and wearing
red! October will be the color orange. This week we have also been working on
recognizing our names and the first letter it starts with. We have also been working
on crayon grip, following two-step directions and drawing Mat Man.
In Ms. Robin’s class we introduced the idea of journaling. The children each have
their own journals. They draw pictures and then they dictate to us their picture as
we write it out for them. We are continuing to work hard on recognizing numbers 1-
10 and all our letters. We are covering literacy topics like sequencing story details,
predicting outcomes, and distinguishing between print and pictures. We also
decorated our hallway with one of a kind pumpkins!
Thank you to all our families who have brought in water bottles for their kiddos. We
have already cut down our cup use considerably. If you have not yet, please bring in
a labeled water bottle. As a bonus I’m noticing our kiddos drinking more water and
hopefully staying better hydrated! Water bottles are being sent home on Friday’s
along with nap bags for washing.

Thank you for all your continued hard work and support!
Ms. Robin and Ms. Kelly

October 1st -3rd Vision and Hearing Screening
October 5th – Attending Mass and Full day of Preschool
October 8th – No School
October 15th – No School
October 24th –Picture Day (Wednesday)
November 27th – Picture Retake day (Thursday)