Saint Thomas Catholic School


November 19

Dear Parents,
We have a lot to be thankful for at St. Thomas. Ms. Kelly and I are proud of all the
great things our students have accomplished this year. We are grateful for all the
hard work St. Thomas parents have poured into their children, making our job
The Pre-K students have been talking about Thanksgiving and what it means to be
thankful. We have talked a lot about turkeys and have read many silly books about
Thanksgiving turkeys and all their troubles.
Next week we will do some lessons on table manners, just in time for the holidays.
This last week we have also covered and reviewed forming letters U and V. We have
graduated to pencils in our handwriting, and it has helped our students create finer
and more deliberate strokes. In math we have been doing a lot of sorting. We have
taken one group of objects, and considered all the ways we could sort them based on
all of the objects different attributes. We also continue to work on letter sounds and
have introduced some sound blending. If your child is still struggling with letter
names take them to the grocery store. The grocery store is a great place for them to
find a lot of letters at eye level. Let them tell you the letters they see, or have them
look for a specific letter in each aisle.
Ms. Kelly’s class has also been discussing Thanksgiving and what we’re thankful for.
We have had many discussions about favorite foods, people we will get to see over
the holidays and how we should be thankful for all that Jesus does for us. We are
working on identifying and writing our shapes before introducing letters. Our color
this month is blue. The class loves singing the Blue Song every morning at group
time. After Thanksgiving break, if your child would like, they can bring in something
blue from home to show the class. The class has enjoyed playing several sorting
games using different kinds of manipulatives and we even sorted ourselves! We
continue to work on pre-handwriting skills such as crayon grip as well as name
Thank you to all that visited the Book Fair this week and purchased books for our
classrooms. We are extremely grateful for you generosity and cannot wait to share
the new books with our class! Preschool won the book buying contest! Yay!

Reminders and Requests:
Ms. Kelly’s class needs their names on their backpacks, water bottles, lunch boxes
and coats. There has been some confusion about whose stuff is whose.

School dismisses for Thanksgiving Break at 2pm for EVERYONE on Tuesday
November 20th .

We have started going to Mass two times a month. Always first Friday and usually
the 3rd Friday of the month.

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM: December 12th at 6:30pm. We have started practicing every
day and the children cannot wait to share their songs with you! That evening will be
preschool through 1st grade only. Please have your child at school at 6:10. More
details to follow.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Ms. Robin and Ms. Kelly